The Federated States Of Osonia

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The Federated States Of Osonia

Post by Sylandro on Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:06 am

Thank you for contacting the Osonian Federal Information Offices, here is some information on out nation.


Leader Name: Ivan Korrell
Global Map:

Government Form: Democracy
Capital: Faencholon
Cities of major importance: Morron, Dalbonoia, Botos, Laermioan, Visckheallon
Regional Map:

Cartographer needed! Apply now!
Religion: Pankerbism

Osonia started when a Kortugan tribe decided to annex various others around it, and succeeded with some failures, but then decided to give the annexed tribes wisdom.

Since then, modern-day Osonia has been developing in peace, with some uprisings here and there.
Main Ideology: Liberalist
National Focus: Balanced
Economic System: Capitalist


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